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Decembar 2018
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 Ship simulator Full ISO

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Broj poruka : 313
Datum upisa : 20.05.2008

PočaljiNaslov: Ship simulator Full ISO   24th Decembar 2008, 00:57

Ship simulator Full ISO

on from the esoterically titled Ship Simulator 2006, Dutch developer
V-Step has apparently re-evaluated what it wants to achieve from its
sea faring simulator. For one thing, the most significant aspect of
this kind of title – the sea – has most definitely been improved upon.

expanse is not quite as vast as one might expect from our water covered
planet, particularly in comparison to the endless horizons of most
flight simulators, but the chopping crests and foamy undulations are
far more realistic and enjoyable than the uninspired polygon of the
previous game. At some points, the calm watery realm seems to stretch
on for what could seem like a depressingly boring journey, only to
transform into gigantic undulations that place your insignificant oil
tanker into a dominating, dark and dangerous valley of salty menace.
Fighting against these powerful, rolling hills of dark, queasy peril is
one of the first instances that gamers get of the delicate enjoyment
found in SS2008, and cresting that tenuous moment to remember the what
the light of day looks like and see the generous tract of welcoming
ocean inspires a genuine sense of relief.

But navigating aquatic
landscapes still doesn’t quite suggest why we might dedicate a few
hours of our precious PC time to driving big boats around. One thing
that was of gradual surprise is the relative safety of the waters. It’s
been a long time since any kind of computer game journey has been free
of assailants and antagonistic danger, though reminding oneself of the
gulf between a simulator and a game does quench that particular fire of
doubt. The point here is to experience the life of a modern crew; to
captain the voyage that the many and diverse goods we take for granted
undergo to get to our pound shops and discount clothing stores.

SS2008 does slow down a bit (not that it’s particularly quick in the
first place). The eight shipping lanes (or tracts – not being a salty
dog, my grasp of maritime terminology isn’t especially profound. It
would have been nice to hear the odd “landlubber” or “yarrrr!” coming
from the poop deck, however) provide little in the way of adventure for
the fair number of different craft at player’s disposal. Certainly the
earlier missions amount to sailing carefully in a straight line. That
said, the afore mentioned scenery does come back into dynamic view as
the ports are eventually reached and the splendour and (presumed)
accuracy of their vistas hove into view.

Hamburg, San Francisco,
Rotterdam, Marseilles, New York, and Portsmouth all look especially
detailed and refined which, in many respects, seems simultaneously
expected and irrelevant for a game based on the water. And yet, the
feeling of pulling into a busy and dynamic port after a long haul is
quite remarkable, and a great deal of time is involuntarily spent
simply admiring the remarkable view.

There are some intriguing,
short aspects which do bring Ship Simulator closer to a game, which is
an invaluable addition to any sim’s limited arsenal. Speeding around in
tug boats and navigating the wonderfully busy ports brings home the
potential devastation a badly parked liner could cause, while
repositioning an oil rig demonstrates the tenuous nature of a life at
sea quite wonderfully. But, ultimately, the rather simplistic
disposition of the ship controller might struggle to keep the attention
of a seasoned sim fan, while gamers are unlikely to persevere long
enough to enjoy the more energetic aspects of play.

Despite a
great deal of attention obviously being poured into the environments
(both sea and land), there’s a distinct lack of various aquatic hazards
that would make Ship Sim far more immersive; namely tides and currents.
Although the deep sea can get quite aggressive, coming into port is
obviously dependent on tides, the weather and any number of squalls and
unexpected cross currents (even a dry haired landlubber like me knows
that) – all of which are noticeably absent.

Key features of Ship Simulator 2008

* Dynamic ocean waves, with realistic ship motions
* Long distance travels , open ocean voyages between ports
* Visible damage system
* Thirty new complex and challenging missions
* Extensive day, night, and weather systems
* Three new environments: San Francisco, Southampton/Cowes/Solent, and Marseille
* Sixteen new ships, each with walkthrough functionality and interactive bridge controls
* Controllable container crane missions
* Advanced vector graphic sea chart based on realistic 3D seabed
models, with full-screen display option, transparency setting, and
level-of-detail on text & depth readings
* Advanced damage system showing dents and holes in the ships after severe collisions
* Free-roam mode where players can choose a ship, an environment, set
all weather, day & time parameters and go sailing in their
preferred conditions
* Realistic bow splash water, with support from an advanced physics simulation model
* Extensive mapping options for keys and joystick buttons
* Advanced rope system, which allows you to connect and disconnect
player ships to other ships or to mooring boulders at will (anchoring
is now also possible)
* Addition of icebergs which cause damage when you collide with them
* Mid-mission save function
* A system for sinking ships when damaged below the water line
* Advanced system for scoring and ranking in different ship type classes, linked to your on-line profile on the forum
* Set waypoints yourself in free-roaming mode
* Including a free mission editor to create your own adventures and share them with your fellow players on the forum

System Requirments:

Microsoft® Windows 2000®, XP® or Vista®
2.4 Ghz Intel® Pentium® IV or AMD® processor
1 GB RAM (XP), 2 GB RAM (Vista)
4x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
Approx. 500 MB free hard disk space
NVIDIA® GeForce 5900 or ATI® 9600 Pro / X600,

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Ship simulator Full ISO
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