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Januar 2019
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 The Club 2008

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Broj poruka : 313
Datum upisa : 20.05.2008

PočaljiNaslov: The Club 2008   21st Decembar 2008, 03:03

The Club 2008

The Club 2008 The Club 2008 |
The Club (2008) - the criminal
underground organization, which, for most people, there is only in the
form of urban legends. The Club - a game in which people get a lot of
money for participating in battles a life and death struggle. Yes, the
rumors were true. Here, people can become rich, or may die. The first
task is to survive, but according to the rules, sit in shelter you will
not - the battle should be quick, ruthless and elegant.

Rise Through the Ranks of The Club. As one of eight fighters, players
will blast their way through five single player game modes including:
Standard Mode, Time Attack, Survivor, Siege, and Run the Gauntlet.

Earn Respect Online. In over nine
cut-throat multiplayer modes, players will shoot their way to the top
of the leader boards. Players will face off with 15 real-time opponents
online or battle

with their friends offline in 4-player split-screen action. (not on PC)
The Club is Global. Gamers battle in eight unique real-world locations
from around the globe, including war-torn cities, abandoned factories,
steel mills and many more.

Extreme Gun Battles in Hazardous
Environments. A motion blur camera system intensifies the adrenaline
rush in both open range and close quarter firefights. Players can
destroy and manipulate objects in the environment to their
advantage.Build up the Highest Score. A unique score-based accumulation
system creates even more competition among players; the faster, more
efficient and accurate that players are, the more points they will earn
to unlock weapons, characters and maps.

Select from an Arsenal of Weaponry.
There are 17 high-powered assault weapons to choose from and customize,
including Automatic Weapons, Sniper Rifles, High Caliber Pistols, Sub
Machine Guns, Mounted Weapons, and many more.
Each Character has a Story to Tell. Choose from eight different
characters to rise through the ranks of The Club and uncover each
person’s true motives and intentions.

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The Club 2008
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